International Journal of Scholarly Papers for Media and Communication
ISSN: 1800 - 7074 (print) ISSN: 2536 - 5622 (online)

Journal Media Dialogues – Medijski dijalozi is an international scientific periodical journal of Scholarly Papers for Research Media and Communication, issued by Research Media Center, Podgorica, Montenegro. It publishes theoretical, empirical and applicative articles from all the areas of media and communication. The journal is issued quarterly. The magazine has open access process (all materials are available online). The general topical framework of our journal include (but is not limited to): development socio-economic analysis key trends, changes and processes in the media and communication , institutions, organizations, social groups, networks and relationships. We prefer to publish articles on the following topics (contents):
- studies and analyzes related to various aspects of the media,
- philosophical, political, economic, historical, sociological, institutional, political, educational, cultural, law, gender, environmental, demographic, information, international and other analyzes of social phenomena.

The multidisciplinary character of the journal is an attempt to contribute in a scientific, neutral, humane, transparent and phenomenological way to the explanation and understanding of contemporary media and social topics on which the development of civilization directly and indirectly depends. Priority in publication will be given to original and research articles, inspiring theoretical approaches combined with empirical data, analyzes and case studies. We expect that they will in a certain way correctly and impartially explain the most significant contemporary phenomena and shift knowledge in the field of media and communication.

Editor in Chief
Assoc. Prof. Mimo Draskovic