International Journal of Scholarly Papers for Media and Communication
ISSN: 1800 - 7074 (print) ISSN: 2536 - 5622 (online)

Vol. 13, No. 2, 2020


BALTEZAREVIC Radoslav & BALTEZAREVIC Ivana „The Role of Social Media in Corporate Social Responsibility - Fashion Industry Confronting the Challenges of the Modern Age” 7-22
PLANINIC Martina & LJUBICIC Ruzica „Gender Sensitive Language in the Media” 23-45
ALENDAR Mustafa „Active Passivity of Virtual Public Opinion in B&H” 47-61
SKOKO Ivica, MARIC TOKIC Silvana & LEDIC Sanja „Conflicts in the Information Space” 63-74
PEJANOVIC Radovan „The Necessity of a New Global Development Model (Ideas of Contemporary World Economists)” 75-84
PLANINIC Martina & LJUBICIC Ruzica „Women in Media and Their Presence (Qualitative Analysis of the Contextualization of Women's Presence in Electronic and Online Media in B&H and Croatia)” 85-110