International Journal of Scholarly Papers for Media and Communication
ISSN: 1800 - 7074 (print) ISSN: 2536 - 5622 (online)

Vol. 1, No. 3, 2008


SIMIC Zeljko „Heidegger and the Conceptual Technicism Technology” 7-30
BAUK Sanja „The Media and Science: Who Does Not Understand Whom?” 31-33
NIKOLOVSKI Janko „Free Access to Information And Investigative Reporting (Some Experiences From Macedonia)” 35-38
SCEKIC Radenko „Internet as a Type of Political Marketing and Promotions” 39-43
DRASKOVIC Veselin „Jobs's Job” 45-47
LEKOVIC Zarko „Montenegrin Immigrants in the Usa Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century With Reference to the Drobnjak Emigrants” 49-56
VUKADINOVIC Srdjan „Social Structure, Transition and Public Opinion” 57-68
VARGA Matija „Hazards and Protection of Young People on the Internet” 69-87
STEVANOVIC Ana „Code of Ethics for Journalists and Media Ethics Necessity” 89-100
DRASKOVIC Mimo „Media Market, Competition and Hypercompetition” 101-109